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Four decades ago, Gabrielle Walters convinced her father to invest in other tree species....
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We recently came across an amazing organisation  who are truly walking the talk. We really like their website description "Our forests are genuinely sustainable, regenerative enterprises. They can function as the engine-room of local economies and p...
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Let’s be clear. Restorative Forestry is not about planting trees and leaving them to do their own thing forever. While that sounds idyllic, and is a wonderful outcome for pockets of cherished native flora, we believe the true alternative to smaller scale monoculture forest...
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Forestry myths

July 12, 2021

Here's what we're told about forestry

It’s good for the environmentIt protects marginal hillside land from erosionIt creates employment in rural areas But the reality is often far from this, with large-scale monoculture forestry often causing significant environmental problems and leads to poor future use opti...
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