About Us

This Restorative Forestry website have been funded by sponsorship from Greencane Paper – who have committed to an annual grant of US$5000 for funding associated with the development and education for Restorative Forestry

Geoff and Helen Arden started Greencane because they love trees, and they couldn't understand why trees that took 25 years to grow were being chopped down to create low-value paper products.  www.greencane.com

Their desire to start a conversation around Restorative Forestry has grown from their wish to demonstrate that growing a forest from mixed species of trees can deliver both environmental and commercial benefits for generations to come. 

Contact us

We invite all interested parties to join the conversation on this website, and to contribute your ideas and energy to research and education around the potential for Restorative Forestry.  hello@restorativeforestry.org