We love trees

While all trees are created equal,
not all forests are good for our environment. 

Restorative forestry is an economic model, not a conservation model.

We’ve created this website to stimulate discussion around sustainable alternatives to smaller scale monoculture forestry. This forestry situation often evolves when a land owner looks to move an unproductive and/or a difficult area of land into what they believe will give a commercial forest outcome, based on planting a single species of tree.   

Many of us are becoming more aware with the concept of Regenerative Agriculture, which aims to encourage farming practices that work alongside the environment, not against it – based on concepts of care for the soil, diversity, cleaner waterways, a lower carbon footprint and the encouraging of insect ecosystems. 

But this concept has not widely been applied to forestry – and we believe that time has come. 

Some articles ...